My guiding principle in sharing these courses and materials comes from this quote by James Bradburne:


This statement includes some key ideas, such as:

  • Learners and their learning must be at the center of all our teaching planning.
  • Learning is not only an intellectual process, but is also a social and emotional process.
  • The language teachers use can either inhibit learning or open up new ways of thinking, reflecting, and evaluating.
  • Assessment is FOR learning. Effective formative assessment consists of:
    • feedback on the product;
    • feedback on the progress;
    • feedback on the process.
  • Intelligence can be developed; a growth mindset embrace challenges.

If you agree with these principles and would like to improve your professional growing, by sharing a life-long and life-wide learning process as a teacher, I can offer you:

  • Courses of
    • Self-coaching
    • Lesson & Curriculum planning