Let me introduce myself.

My name is Maria Grazia and I am a Teacher of Language and Literature (Italian, Latin, English) with more than 20 years’ teaching expertise, mostly spent in Middle (grades 5 to 10) Italian and Bilingual (English/Italian) Schools.

According to my experience as a Teacher and as a Learner, I completely agree with the assumption that all human beings are lifelong learners aiming to:



Learning to know

Learning to do

Learning to live together

Imparare ad Essere

Learning to be.


(UNESCO, 1989)

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My Intents

This website is born out of the necessity of challenging the myth of learners’ ability, by becoming good tutors and “coaches” of students’ performances, through an assessment FOR learning, based on a strong evidence base.

That means:

  1. find out what a learner actually knows and understands, carefully listening and observing;
  2. offering learners with a clear vision of the larger picture, scaffolding their progress through an accessible progressive acquisition of each step towards the final goal(s);
  3. supporting their struggle and their work through a specific, task-focused feedback, in order to allow them to receive any useful information about what would help them to do better / more effectively, and to move learning forward.

To learn more, please, see:

My Curriculum Vitae

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