This is my Motto.

I chose it for several reasons:

  • because it sums up my philosophy
  • because it contains what it says
  • because it is untranslatable

Words are my world.

They are a privileged instrument of knowledge, analysis and transformation of reality. They represent the most typically human way to express feelings, emotions, thoughts. They can be continuously learned, rediscovered, invented, transformed, adapted. They are privileged with the capacity of un-veiling extremely complex systems of values, insights, ways of conceiving life.

The Love and respect for the words is love and respect for their underlying culture. What I am offering you is a journey into the world of words. With “grace”, which is synonymous with attention, delicacy, care; as well as giving, re-giving, for-giving. Because Grace is my name and is also my philosophy.

Translation PORTFOLIO

Authentic translation means the ability to express a text (ideas, definitions, concepts) in a language other than the original. An even excellent knowledge of both – source and destination – languages is a necessary but not sufficient condition.

In order to convey the same message of the original text into the target language, without any addition or omission, by respecting all its linguistic and cultural aspects, the translator must be able to think, understand, analyze, interpret and then re-exposing, re-formulate, re-write these ideas and messages in both languages.

The translations I offer you, therefore, provides:

a careful analysis of the text to be translated: an analysis of its terminology field and an accurate search of specific vocabulary in its source and target language

the re-elaboration of the text: drafting of the text in the target language, by respecting its semantic, syntactic, and logic construction

the final version of the text: checking of the spelling, the syntactic and lexical accuracy and the fluency of the text, including the verification of the page layout and the integrity of the work.


  • Italian  <  > English
  • Latin
  • Editing & Proofreading

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