My vision can be summed up as follows:

1. The teacher designs rigorous, goal-aligned learning tasks.

2. Learner’s attention is kept focused on those tasks; everyone’s getting lots of opportunities to practice and reflect on his/her own learning style.

3. The teacher is constantly evaluating that practice and giving feedback that helps advance learners towards mastering the goal of the lesson.

Or, if you want the really short hand version, it’s this: practice and feedback.


My mission is to provide a professional support to any learners who is willing to acquire/develop/improve his/her unique potential, aiming to become more responsible, caring and engaged world citizens.

My lessons/courses/learning units follow intercultural programs, using international teaching methodologies and teaching practices. They offer learners the possibility of experiencing learning in a multidisciplinary setting and through numerous practical hands-on opportunities in which they can develop problem solving, thinking and reflection skills, in order to become independent and responsible learners

My teaching is aimed to promote the knowledge of other cultures/languages while giving equal value to Italian tradition/language and culture. It encourages the exchange of ideas and close collaboration as means of learning and communicating.

Methodological Approach

All subjects/topics can be taught in both Italian and English languages, taking equal responsibility for the Italian and English curriculums. This approach increases the possibility for learners to develop a critical mind and strengthen further their ability to think, work and communicate effectively in both the languages. (All of these elements represent what is believed to be the essence of bilingualism).

I consider diversity as an additional asset to the whole learning process; therefore, individualized learning is supported to address the specific needs of every single learner, according to an educational model which embraces human communication, understanding, empathy and appreciation of diversity, aimed to face  the demands of an ever-changing world of peace.